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Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) designs, manufactures, tests and provides certified TEMPEST, Rugged, Military EMC, Encryption and Communications Security equipment for Military and Government Organisations throughout NATO and Europe.

With a high percentage of engineers and TEMPEST industry specialists, including the UK’s largest commercial TEMPEST test facility, SST has built an enviable reputation with Subject Matter Experts providing consultancy, training and testing services for TEMPEST and environmental certification and CESG endorsement support. Within the CESG Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme (CFTCS), SST is the only company to have an accredited TEMPEST Test Facility and be an Approved UK TEMPEST Vendor.

Spanning three decades, our reputation is one of delivering high quality programmes on time and on budget.

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Based in Gloucester in the west of England, Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) designs and manufactures TEMPEST, EMC-rated, rugged, encryption and communications security equipment for military and government organisations for shipment throughout the UK, NATO, Europe and the Rest of the World. This includes NATO bodies, ministries of defence, ministries of foreign affairs, defence prime contractors, and other government agencies.

Protect Your Data From Wireless Attacks

Protect Your Data From Wireless Attacks

Hackers can use RF radio frequencies emitted from electronic devices to wirelessly bug your office and unveil your company's sensitive data. API Technologies' SST and Emcon-brand TEMPEST solutions shield your office equipment, preventing the exploitation of sensitive data.

VOIP Phone Modification Capabilities

VoIP Capabilities

SST has demonstrated expertise in telephone modification utilising our in-house 3D CAD modelling and rapid prototyping in a Government secure site with security cleared personnel. A range of modification options are available including Push to Talk Handsets, Fibre Ethernet and Positive Disconnect.