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Secure Systems and Technologies is a division of API Technologies Corp..

API Technologies Corp. is a leading supplier of highly engineered products and solutions, components and subsystems to top manufacturers, major government contractors, international government and military organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Why API Technologies Corp. is Different

API Technologies Corp. employs more engineers than most firms its size. This means it can offer its clients access to the brightest minds in the industry, along with unparalleled customer service and program management. It recognizes the mission-critical applications its solutions support, so high-quality products and on-time delivery are its hallmarks. It is for those reasons the company has cultivated decades-long relationships with many of its clients.

API Technologies Corp.'s Capabilities

The products and solutions API Technologies Corp. supplies keep planes flying, secure vital information assets, facilitate communication, and protect citizens and soldiers. Its capabilities cover:

  • Defense & Aerospace
    By combining the industry’s top engineering talent with precision manufacturing capabilities, on-time delivery and an unwavering dedication to quality, API Defense offers today’s warfigher competitive advantage on and off the battlefield.
  • Emanation Security
    API Technologies is the world’s largest developer of Emanation Security and TEMPEST solutions.
  • Secure Communications & Networking
    For secure access solutions, government agencies and the world’s most trusted companies turn to API.
  • Subsystems Components
    API Technologies is a leading provider of components and subsystems to the commercial and government sectors for use in communications equipment, commercial and military aircraft, computer peripherals, process control equipment and instrumentation. 
  • Systems Engineering
    When unique engineering challenges arise for defense industry and commercial customers, they turn to API for a broad range of highly engineered products and services. 
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
    API Technologies offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services for both commercial and defense industry customers.

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