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Group Companies

API Technologies Corp.

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API Technologies Corp., subsidiaries

API Cryptek Inc.

API Cryptek™ emanation security products, network security products and custom solutions safeguard the world's most sensitive information assets by shielding IT systems and confidential data from those who may do harm. Product lines include: Cryptek™ emanation security (TEMPEST) products and the Cryptek Netgard™ MFD, a smartcard (CAC) authentication solution for multi-function printers, scanners and copiers.

Cryptek security appliances and software intelligently enable secure information sharing and systems management across organizations and technologies. Easy-to-deploy, standards-based products apply multi-layer security to existing IT systems. Service providers, IT and communications equipment manufacturers, enterprises and Government agencies rely on Cryptek Secure Networking Products to secure systems for remote management, database guards for secure information sharing and secure virtual enclaves. 

Professional services include Information Assurance and secure networking architecture and design solutions, emanation security (TEMPEST) testing and engineering and security certification and validation.

Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd. 

Based in Gloucester (UK), Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) designs and manufactures TEMPEST, Military EMC-rated, Rugged, Encryption and Communications Security equipment for Military and Government Organisations.

Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) specialises in the development and manufacture of electronic equipment for military and secure government organisations throughout NATO and Europe.

SST designs and manufactures TEMPEST products (to NATO SDIP-27/1), EMC-rated (MIL-STD-461 / Def Stan 59-411), Rugged (MIL-STD-810 / Def Stan 00-35), Encryption and Communications Security equipment, our customers include NATO bodies, ministries of defense, ministries of foreign affairs, defense prime contractors and other government agencies. SST maintains an extensive CESG authorised TEMPEST Test Facility.

Spanning three decades, our reputation is one of delivering high quality military and governmental programs on time and on budget.

EMCON Emanation Control Ltd.

The core of Canada-based EMCON Emanation Control’s expertise is in-depth knowledge of compromising emanations. With its state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic design tools, it is able to develop and maintain products and services that are required in Government environments wherever sensitive or classified information is processed.

EMCON is an Endorsed TEMPEST Test Facility and an Endorsed TEMPEST Manufacturer and has been a member of the Canadian Industrial TEMPEST Program (CITP) since 1986.

Ion Network Solutions

ION is the most trusted name in remote administrative management and secure access technology. ION appliances and software enable service providers, equipment manufacturers, corporations, government and military agencies to remotely manage, monitor, and secure critical voice and data networks.

More than half of the world's top telecommunications firms rely on ION technology.

API Defense

API Defense is a leading supplier of products and advanced engineering services to the global defense industry and commercial business sectors.
Solutions span highly engineered systems (including missile systems, flight control systems and communication systems) to the latest in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). By combining the industry’s top engineering talent with precision manufacturing capabilities, on-time delivery and an unwavering dedication to quality, API Defense offers today’s warfigher competitive advantage on and off the battlefield. A diverse set of products and services spans EMS to highly engineered solutions. 

API Defence specialise in engineering challenges for defense industry and commercial customers, with a broad range of highly engineered products and services including Robotic Systems and Accessories, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and Mobile Systems, UAV and UGV Payloads and Accessories, Tactical Solutions & Equipment and Force Protection.

API Systems

API Systems offers the latest in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for commercial and defense industry customers. 

With a focus on high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) engagements, API Systems and can accommodate all types of projects, from single prototypes to large‐scale production runs.  Customers regularly rely upon our high quality, quick turnaround and on-time delivery.  We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

Major Defense Contractors, Fortune 500 companies and specialist firms have come to rely on API for fast, on-time delivery of a variety of projects. These can span large circuit board assemblies to the smallest (.08 mil) flex circuits, and can meet stringent defense and military certifications such as IPC-610 Class 3 and J-STD-001

API Electronics Inc.

The API Electronics brand offers fully-integrated design, development, production, testing, and value-added capabilities for mission-critical electrical components and systems.

As a preferred supplier to the Government, aerospace, medical, telecomm, industrial and commercial industries, API Electronics offers power transistors, small signal transistors, rectifiers, tuning diodes, hybrid circuits, resistor/capacitor networks, diodes, and other critical elements that enable key technology systems to function.

Through state-of-the-art facilities, commitment to uncompromising quality standards and professional engineering staff API Electronics provides mission-critical systems and advanced engineering support to leading electronics manufacturers and electronic systems designers.

National Hybrid Inc. 

Designers and Manufacturers of MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus products, solid state power controllers, high density Multi Chip Modules, and state of the art Custom Hybrid Microcircuits utilised in Military and Industrial Applications.
The National Hybrid line of products was created in response to military/aerospace industry's critical and growing need for reliable, high-performance microcircuits. First launched in 1974, the product line continued to expand to include solid-state power controllers, high-density multi-chip modules, MIL-STD-1553/1760 products (including the world’s smallest Data Bus transceivers and terminals), as well as custom state-of-the-art hybrid micro-electronic circuits.

Today National Hybrid remains a world-class design and manufacturing organization that offers customers a broad range of technological capabilities in both the military and industrial worlds. Expertise spans analog, digital, and microwave CAD-based designs, as well as ASIC, gate-array implementations and extensive simulation and prototype testing and analysis capabilities. The National Hybrid name is synonymous with unsurpassed quality and outstanding service. By combining careful understanding of customer requirements with commitment to technical advancements, we create products that enable our customers to stay on the leading edge.

Filtran Group

For over 35 years, the Filtran Group has been providing solutions to the most difficult and complex magnetic component requirements for many of the world’s leading military, aerospace, medical, telecom, transport, RF, industrial, test and measurement OEMs.

Since 1969, major producers of communications equipment, peripherals, instrumentation, and process control equipment have trusted Filtran® brand electronic components for use in a wide variety of commercial and military products. 

Beyond custom-built products, Filtran also designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard transformers, inductors, filters and power supplies, power conversion equipment, DC to DC converters, DC to AC inverters, off-line switch mode power supplies and linear power supplies.

Islip Transformer & Metal Co

Government Systems – Radar Threat Indicator, TOW Missile Systems, Ampower Power Transistors.

A respected brand with over 50 years of history, Islip Transformer & Metal products are used by U.S Department of Defense (DoD) and major defense industry OEMs and Prime Contractors on a wide range of mission critical electronic systems and assemblies.

Islip assemblies are utilised in a variety of defense systems, including military generators, night scopes and missile systems. Islip also supplies a number of threat warning products including the light detectors used on the U.S. Army AN/ALQ 144 countermeasure control system, which protects aircraft from air-to-air and ground-to-air heat seeking (infrared) missiles. Additional products include radar signal indicators used on the IP1150A/APR-39 (V) program, which provide aircraft with warning of radar directed air defense threat systems.

Islip products also include build-to-print electronic modules, multilayer printed circuit board assemblies, flexible cables, I/O boards, RF and connection cables with multiple wire strands and RF modules, and chassis assemblies.

TM Systems 

For more than 35 years, TM Systems has been the trusted name in  naval aircraft launching and landing aid equipment, flight control and signaling systems, data communication and test equipment, and aircraft ground support equipment. Customers include the US Department of Defense, major US defense OEMs including Northrop Grumman Ship Systems (LPD Program) and General Dynamics NASSCO (T-AKE Program), and various foreign governments.

The TM Systems flagship product is the Stabilized Glide Slope Indicator (SGSI) system, an electro-hydraulic optical landing aid designed for use on air capable and amphibious assault vessels. Through use of the SGSI, a helicopter pilot may visually establish and maintain the proper glide slope for a safe landing on an air-capable vessel.

Additional Visual Landing Aid (VLA) and supplemental equipment provide a means for day and night helicopter missions to and from air capable ships. The equipment provides visual cues for accomplishing safe helicopter operations under various mission requirements. This is made possible by providing the approaching helicopter with enhanced flight deck illumination, depth perception cues, and obstruction definitions. VLA equipment includes the Wave-Off Light System, Deck Status Light System, Lighting Control Panel and Homing Beacon.


Keytronics Inc.® is a custom manufacturer of a wide variety of Power Transformers, Reactors, Magnetic Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Converters, Special Purpose Electronic Assemblies and Medical Electronics. We design and manufacture in accordance with the requirements of MIL-T-27.

First launched in 1971, the Keytronics® brand of products spans custom magnetic devices, transformers and custom electronic equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of MIL-T-27.
The products are rigorously tested and meticulously manufactured to conform to the following requirements: MIL-STD-45662 (ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994), MIL-Q-9858 A (Substantially), MIL-I-45208, MIL-STD-2000A (ANSI/J-STD-001B) and ISO 9002. 

Sensonics Inc.

Sensonics, Inc. provides the medical, scientific and industrial communities with the best smell and taste tests for accessing chemosensory function. Their Smell Identification Test is the most widely used quantitative olfactory test in the world. For more than thirty years, Sensonics vibration devices have fulfilled the anti-friction requirements of manufacturers who supply instrumentation for the military, commercial and general aviation markets.

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