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Cabinet Update

SST is proud to announce that we have recently secured a prestigious contract to supply High Attenuation Rack Enclosures to a high profile European Customer.

We provide an overview of product offering below. For a more detailed summary of our capabilities including the provision of training and consultancy do please contact us directly.

Cabinet Overview

SST High Attenuation Rack Enclosures

SST has been designing and manufacturing cabinet systems for over 20 years. In that time the company has supplied a broad range of solutions ranging from the provision of basic cabinets to turnkey systems. This includes the supply of the communications equipment, fire suppression equipment, detailed system manuals, training, commissioning, TEMPEST Endorsement and through life support.

SST Cabinet Systems are designed for the housing of Computing, Networking and Communication devices, for use in environments where data security is of paramount importance.

The cabinets are based on a standard 19” rack format to allow standard commercial equipment to be mounted without the need for any specialist devices or hardware.

SST cabinets range from 6U to 42U in height 600mm to 1000mm in depth with a standard width of 600mm, which can be altered and customised to meet specific requirements.

Front and rear door locking mechanism

Kaba Auditcon models

SST would normally propose the Kaba Auditcon models for the secure locking of our TEMPEST cabinets accredited to protect up to and including CONFIDENTIAL, NATO Ref 5340.99.212.7840

This combination lock is entirely self powered and offers a number of models, depending upon the requirements of the customer. The UK Government approved model is the SEAP version of the 552 with additional shield and audit software.


Ribble Lock

Another popular option that SST can easily integrate into a TEMPEST Cabinet design is a lower cost key-lock device referred to as the ‘Ribble Lock’ which is fully accredited by the UK Government to protect up to CONFIDENTIAL.

SST would be pleased to advise and discuss on the merits of both types.

Full Kaba Mas Auditcon and Ribble Lock product detail and model comparison can be provided upon request.


The System components can be commercial units located within the TEMPEST Cabinet rather than individual TEMPEST equipment. This can provide a more cost effective solution.

The Cabinet System can be TEMPEST certified by SST using its in house certified TEMPEST Test facilities. Once a System is tested and its configuration recorded, a Certificate of TEMPEST compliance is issued.

All Network and Communication Interfaces can be provided through Fibre Optic cabling, enabling a higher degree of data security.

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