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SN9200TF TEMPEST Notebook Computer (Laptop) SST delivers the lightest TEMPEST level A laptop in the world…

UK, July 2011

SN9200TF TEMPEST Notebook Computer (Laptop) … this latest laptop from SST seems to defy the accepted view that TEMPEST and/or robust products need to be heavy.

Specialist defence and security IT manufacturer, Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) is shipping its latest secure computing product.

The SN9200TF TEMPEST Notebook Computer (Laptop) is designed to be an inconspicuous, ultra-portable TEMPEST laptop with intrinsic security features.

The SN9200TF is the lightest TEMPEST Level A laptop (notebook) in the world – by quite a margin! The next lightest laptop with a comparable screen weighs in at a whole kilogram more.

Light weight certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing robustness or performance – this laptop boasts a machined Aluminium and Magnesium alloy case and retains all the protective features of the business rugged OEM.

Only about the size of a slim (25mm/1” high) A4/Letter file and weighing less than 3kg this truly mobile TEMPEST computer has been designed to be discreet (passing for a COTS notebook).

Features include a 13.3” high brightness screen with LED backlight for extended battery life, with unplugged duration further enhanced with an additional ‘media bay’ battery and Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

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