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SC800TFR Harsh Environment PCProduct Launch – TEMPEST Harsh Environment computer

Specialist defence and security IT manufacturer, Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) has launched its latest secure computing product, designed to meet the most stringent TEMPEST protection level NATO SDIP-27 Level A.  The Harsh Environment PC is the latest in a long line of successful TEMPEST solutions from SST, used widely around the world by Government agencies and international organisations. 

SST's new Harsh Environment PC provides a virtually silent, dustproof TEMPEST solution that is capable of operating under extreme conditions and temperatures.  It features a fully welded case and twin elastomeric and EMC gaskets, making it virtually immune to dust, sand and high humidity.

The Harsh Environment PC is ideally suited to deployed operations where conditions can lead to failures for regular TEMPEST equipment, or for demanding installations requiring reduced maintenance without compromise to reliability. In addition to the normal SST “TEMPEST for life” guarantee, rigorous testing has been used to demonstrate the Harsh Environment PCs operating range from 0º to over 50ºC.

Using a Core 2 Duo™ processor, the Harsh Environment PC provides powerful performance within a compact footprint. Additional built-in security features can include an integrated token reader for Enhanced Grade encrypted disk or software authentication, eliminating historical issues with trailing wires and lost readers.

SST also offers a compatible Secure Media Stick, which is designed to withstand conditions from -40º to 100ºC.  This provides a USB memory stick with robust physical interface and factory-programmed unique serial number so that the PC can be locked-down to accept selected devices, or to encrypt all data transfers. 

Differentiated from SST's portfolio of rugged solutions, this product is described as robust after undergoing extensive tests at the company's purpose-built facility in Gloucester, UK. Hhere it operates its own environmental and shock/vibration test facility alongside the TEMPEST and military EMC product testing capability.

About SST

Established in 2002 as the product of two synergistic organisations, Secure Computer Systems Ltd and Secure Systems Production Ltd, SST operates to ISO 9001 standards.  Its comprehensive service set includes a dedicated engineering and test division, matched by consultancy and training facilities, majoring on COMSEC and EMSEC requirements.  SST's emphasis is on providing state of the art solutions from concept to deployment, with its design and development facilities backed up by a specialist service organisation. Combined with dynamic Service Partner Agreements, SST maintains full service coverage across the European and NATO theatres.

SST's success is substantially based on its long-standing ability to deliver a complete end-to-end service.  This is achieved by working in partnership with its customers, major prime contractors and global IT product leaders – identifying and adapting current technologies, and creating individual solutions that meet a project's stringent requirements for data security.  A critical element of SST's philosophy involves managing obsolescence effectively, ensuring that customers receive lifetime product support.  SST employs a high percentage of skilled staff  comprising Subject Matter Experts, highly qualified consultant engineers, designers and expert technicians, operating from a purpose-built facility on the outskirts of Gloucester.

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