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SS8270TI Flatbed Scanner


  • 4800 dpi TWAIN scanner
  • Dual resolution CCD (4800/600 dpi)
  • Instant on - \"no warm up\" scanning
  • Scan from 3D objects
  • Fast preview - 4 seconds
  • 10 - 2000% scaling
  • ReadIRIS Pro, Optical Character Recognition


The SS8270TI is the latest development in TEMPEST flatbed scanners to AMSG788A from SST. It is based on the world's first flatbed scanner series to offer 4800 dpi resolution providing crystal clear results with rich, bright and accurate colours.

The SS8270TI is designed for users wanting a high performance scanner capable of capturing images of the highest quality, from all types of original, as quickly as possible.

It’s also versatile – the integrated TMA is used for scanning 35 mm slides and negatives and accepts strips of up to three transparencies or negatives at once.

The SS8270TI combines a dual resolution CCD (4800/600 dpi) plus fast greyscale for optimum combination of speed and image quality. The CCD technology enables scanning from 3D objects such as products or other reference materials.

With instant-on, "no warm-up" scanning, front control panel with 16 character LCD, one-touch buttons including scan, e-mail, power, edit text (OCR) and save to PDF the SS8270TI is ideal for high pressure secure office environments where quality and deadlines are equally important.

The SS8270TI is provided with a fast connection to the SC7000 series of TEMPEST workstations via Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant, or optional SCSI-2 connection.

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SS8270TI Flatbed Scanner