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SE3118TFTEMPEST workstation Enclosure, 18URack, Configurable, complete


  • For TEMPEST applications
  • 18U, standard 19" rack format
  • Extensive customisable options
  • Integration and testing services
  • Additional Security features
  • Complete TEMPEST workstation
  • SDIP-27 Level A Compliance


The SE3118TF shielded cabinet enables the use of unmodified COTS equipment in a TEMPESTapplication and is ideally sized to provide a complete workstation suite.

Shown is an example configuration with UPS, PC, Colour laser printer and flatbed scanner installed. Keyboard Video and Mouse connections are provided and power for the external TEMPEST Monitor can be provided from an installed UPS ensuring continued operation or graceful shutdown in case of a power outage.

SST also provides a range of integration, documentation and test services including formal testing of a configured system to SDIP-27 Level A. This service ensures that our customer receives a fully integrated, working, tested and documented system with appropriate compliances ready to be switched on and perform its desired function.

Because the rack itself is not an item of active data processing equipment it cannot itself be classed as TEMPEST. Only after testing with equipment installed can the cabinet be tested to SDIP-27 for compliance to TEMPEST standard.



SE3118TFTEMPEST workstation Enclosure, 18URack, Configurable, complete