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AEP SCT-5100 SecComm TEMPEST - Encryption Module


  • CAPS Approved \"Enhanced Grade\" IPSec based IP security gateway
  • Sophisticated tamper protection and compromise control
  • Data compression for throughput optimisation over slow speed circuits
  • Shielded 'windows' for system status monitoring
  • Integrated power filtering & power status indicators
  • Optional hard shell airline cabin transport case
  • Integrates into the proven AEP Net encryption solution with all the advantages of centralised key and equipment management functions
  • Standard Ethernet WAN connection, approved for direct connection to the Internet
  • Choice of Fibre or Shielded Ethernet connections to TEMPEST terminal equipment (e.g. Thin Client terminal or VOIP phone)


The SCT-5100 is an encryption module enabling CAPS Enhanced Grade (IL4) security for theprotection of UK and EU Confidential data in high threat environments. The module isassured to SDIP-27 Level A, the most stringent TEMPEST standard, for devices that will operate inNATO Zone 0 Environments, where it is assumed that an attack has almost immediate access (e.g.neighbouring room).

The SCT-5100 TEMPEST module contains an AEP ED20M CAPS approved Enhanced Gradeencryption device and an AEP VE4150 router with an optional integrated data compression module,with fibre and RJ45 Copper LAN connections. This makes the SCT-5100 TEMPEST particularlysuitable for deploying a team of staff with a requirement to access data services and applications(including VoIP) to sites outside of protected facilities.


AEP SCT-5100 SecComm TEMPEST - Encryption Module