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SVC1090TF TEMPEST Video Conferencing


  • Up to 6 Mbps bandwidth point-to-point
  • Wideband handset
  • 8-inch CISCO TelePresence touch screen interface
  • Standards-based for immediate connectivity
  • Meets NATO SDIP-27 Level A standard
  • Multiple noise cancelling handset inputs for privacy (optional)


The TEMPEST version of the Cisco TelePresence EX 90 is designed for the office and small conference room environment. The TEMPEST Video Conferencing EX 90 features a 24 inch high-definition display which can be used both as a PC monitor and a telepresence system. It also has a CD-quality stereo audio with acoustic echo cancelling, AGC and ANR.

This fully integrated system enables seamless face-to-face telepresence collaboration right at the desktop. It supports embedded Multisite, which brings together up to four locations into one call. The 8-inch CISCO TelePresence touch screen interface allows for simple control and transparent collaboration in one touch.


SVC1090TF TEMPEST Video Conferencing