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  • Some examples of the modifications and enhancements to Panasonic Toughbook products and Toughbook-based systems produced by SST:
  • Interface and Port modification
  • Customisation & enhancement
  • Innovative Solutions
  • COTS modification
  • Installation of crypto hardware and software
  • System Integration
  • Custom developments


TEMPEST versions of Panasonic Toughbook notebooks for deployment into sensitive areas to ensure data security (NATO standard SDIP-27/1) in addition to availability due to the rugged features.

Enable deployment of Panasonic Toughbook products with interfaces fit-for-purpose. Innovative uses of Toughbook products for weight reduction within systems. Modification of intricate and sensitive internal components Installing CAPS encryption hardware or software and token reader integration. Toughbook products integrated into custom systems including sealed interfaces, secure communications, deployable racks etc.

SST has demonstrable expertise in Toughbook product enhancement using in-house 3D CAD modelling and rapid prototyping techniques. All this from a Government accredited secure site with security cleared personnel, crypto integration and test facilities.