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SB1501ER Vehicle Secure Communications Hub


  • Secure, Integrated mobile solution
  • Integrates High grade S and TS IP Encryption device - Mini-CATAPAN®
  • Compact, lightweight, robust design
  • MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F
  • Multi-bearer WAN: 3G, BGAN, Radio etc
  • Integrated 3G modem and antennas
  • Standalone or 3 LAN port PoE Hub - a single device with multiple uses


The SB1501ER Vehicle Secure Communications Hub (VSCH) provides a vehicle-based rugged, portable Secure Communications facility using multiple bearers, perfect for ad-hoc, mobile or remote environments.

The VSCH integrates accredited data transmission (Mini-CATAPAN® encryption) and data at rest (Eclypt® drive in laptop) products for an accredited S & TS mobile solution.

This single integrated device replaces traditional case-based or individually connected items systems, providing for 3G or satellite connectivity where there is no fixed line access. The black side Ethernet port can also be used for any Ethernet connected services such as BGAN satellite, TETRA or other Wireless or radio services. For added flexibility the VSCH features three red-side Power Over Ethernet LAN ports, enabling it to act as a secure communications 'hub', providing encrypted WAN access to multiple clients and power for attached devices.

For unplugged tactical use the VSCH can operate on battery power, ensuring continued operation when vehicle power is not available. The user interface provides connectivity selection, battery status, crypto key-fill and management features with the Mini-CATAPAN® unique identifier remaining visible whilst installed in the VSCH.


SB1501ER Vehicle Secure Communications Hub