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SB8516TF 16 + 2 port Fibre Ethernet switch


  • 16 (+2) port Fibre Ethernet ports
  • Layer 2 - Layer 4 Intelligence
  • MAC, IP, TCP/UDP layers Packet lookup
  • 1000BaseX Gigabit fibre options
  • Additional Security features
  • SDIP-27 Level A Compliant


The SB8516TF is a TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A fibre Ethernet Layer 2+ network switch with Enhanced Security, Layer 2-4 Intelligence and advanced Quality of Service features. Based on an Allied Telesis product the SB8516TF switch provides an uncompromising balance of advancedfeatures, performance, security and manageability.

More intelligent than a simple Layer 2 switch, the SB8516TF provides advanced attack detection and suppression capabilities for increased security and advanced Quality of Service to support converged applications such as SST TEMPEST VoIP Telephone and Videoconferencing. With Layer 2 through Layer 4 intelligence the SB8516TF complements WAN firewalls and PC software to secure TEMPEST networks whilst security features such as IEEE 802.1x (port-based network access control) and Radius/TACACS+ provide tiered security on each port.

With advanced AlliedWare™ technology, the SB8516TF switch can examine packet formats and content from Layer 2, Layer 3, or Layer 4 (MAC, IP and TCP/UDP layers). The switch can trigger network decisions such as Access Control Lists for protection against Denial of Service attacks, limit bandwidth and alter Quality of Service to support converged applications. The SB8516TF can also be configured to control bandwidth-consuming traffic such as music streaming by dynamically lowering the priority and limiting bandwidths without completely blocking traffic.



SB8516TF 16 + 2 port Fibre Ethernet switch