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SV620TF TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A Thin Client


  • Whisper quiet
  • Window's 7 Embedded
  • AMD GX-415A 1.5GHz processor
  • Radeon HD8330E Graphics
  • Desktop, tower, or 'zero footprint'
  • Extensive interface provision
  • SDIP-27 Level A Compliant


The SST SV620TF TEMPEST Thin Client Terminal is based on SST's leading TEMPEST design for Thin Clients and incorporates the HP t620. The Windows graphical interface presents a familiar 'look' to users whilst support for multiple protocols ensures the SV620TF has connectivity to almost any back-end system and flexibility to choose the optimal protocol.

The compact size of the SV620TF means it occupies little desk space as a tower or when sitting neatly underneath the LCD stand. Furthermore the optional monitor stand bracket enables the unit to be mounted on the rear of an SST TEMPEST LCD monitor for 'zero footprint' installation.

The SV620TF Thin Clients include security features, such as the built-in TPM Chip and HP BIOS, usually found only on PCs so network access concerns can be addressed. Additional software security features include Applocker, DirectAccess, Windows Defender, and AntiMalware. Fibre Optic Ethernet is provided on a choice of ST, SC or MTRJ connectors.

The SV620TF is designed for the most stringent TEMPEST applications requiring compliance to SDIP-27 Level A and compliments the range of TEMPEST products.


SV620TF TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A Thin Client