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SB1200TF TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A High Grade Crypto Rack Mount Enclosure


  • 1U Rack mount easily deployed
  • Secure fibre Ethernet interfaces
  • Front status and management functions
  • Additional shielding and security
  • Resilient dual-redundant power supply


The SB1200TF is a 19" rackmount TEMPEST chassis housing dual UK high grade IP encryption devices with fibre Ethernet interfaces to provide enhanced security and shielding characteristics.

The 2U 19" rackmount TEMPEST chassis houses fibre optic transceivers, power management, cooling fans and the dual high grade crypto units. The SB1200TF design incorporates compartmentalisation screening features, red/black separation to ensure maximum security for data pathways and presents either multi or single mode fibre connectivity for secure transmission. The SB1200TF design also enables the crypto device serial numbers to be inspected for muster and the crypto battery change option.

The front panel presents all control, status, key-fill and management features required whilst status indicators, shrouded total erase buttons and fill ports are provided for independent crypto management. A single switch controls the power to the entire unit, which is provided through a shielded connector at the rear where the ST fibre optic connectors are also presented.


SB1200TF TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A High Grade Crypto Rack Mount Enclosure