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SK1002TF TEMPEST Secure 2 Port EAL4+ KVM Switch


  • Common Criteria EAL4+ accreditation
  • Controlled USB connectivity intelligence
  • 80dB port-to-port crosstalk isolation
  • Advanced tamper protection & reporting
  • Data diode for uni-directional kbd & mouse
  • TEMPEST SDIP-27 Level A Compliant


The SK1002TF TEMPEST KVM switch enables proven, EAL4+ secure access to two computers of varying security classification from one console in environments where security is mandatory.

Three levels of physical security include tamper evident tape, locked memory which prevents tampering and reprogramming and chassis intrusion detection which makes the switch inoperable if the cover is removed.

The switch firmware ensures controlled USB connectivity and only allows Human Interface Devices (keyboard, mouse and card reader) on the console ports to switch to the target computers. Unsecure USB devices such as flash drives, cameras and all other USB devices are strictly prohibited by the switch.

The SK1002TF enables consolidation of two workstations consoles of different security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse without compromising security, the Common Criteria EAL4+ accreditation of the OEM is retained in the TEMPEST version. The keyboard buffer is immediately cleared after data is transmitted through the switch so that no data is ever retained and unidirectional data flow is enforced on the keyboard and mouse interfaces.

The SK1002TF compliments the extensive range of TEMPEST and secure communication products.


SK1002TF TEMPEST Secure 2 Port EAL4+ KVM Switch