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SE3020TF Multimedia Enclosure


  • TEMPEST Multimedia Enclosure
  • TEMPEST USB Expansion Unit
  • TEMPEST Camera Enclosure
  • For connection to SC2000BT series PC
  • Compliant with AMSG720B


The SST SE3020TF TEMPEST Multimedia (USB Expansion/Camera) Enclosure has been designed with ergonomic use in mind and is manufactured with lightweight materials for extra optical and storage usage. It incorporates TEMPEST features to meet AMSG720B or Zone 0 requirements when fully loaded.

The SE3020TF is designed for the integration of communications devices e.g. SD Card Reader, XD Card, Compaq Flash, Sony Memory Stick, Smart Media, Zip drive, CD/RW, Serial Port, Parallel Port, Video – composite, S-Video, IP Telephony.

Also included is TEMPEST USB 2.0 compatible connection for onward connection/ external USB device.

To achieve a complete working solution SST provides a full integration and TEMPEST Certification service of the customer’s configuration including a range of options.


SE3020TF Multimedia Enclosure