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Quality Policy

Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd has a total commitment to the supply of both products and services that provide customer satisfaction, achieved through the following:

  • the provision of a safe, suitable working environment, adequate, trained and competent personnel, provided with both the necessary facilities and support services that are required to achieve the quality system objectives and requirements
  • a philosophy of continuous quality improvement through advances in technology, methods and materials, combined with meeting customers’ requirements and expectations whilst adhering where applicable to both statutory and regulatory legislation
  • the enthusiasm and commitment of all employees at all levels
  • the recognition of the need to have a structured approach in achieving the stated quality objectives, the Quality Management System is based upon BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Management reviews of the quality system are held, and key performance indicators constantly monitored, in order to secure improvements where these are found necessary.

All employees are required to adhere to the quality system requirements, and contribute to its continual improvement.