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Rugged Standards equipment for use in a Harsh Environment

Secure Systems & Technologies Limited (SST) is a UK Company which specialises in the development and manufacture of TEMPEST, Rugged and Secure electronic equipment for Military and Secure Government Organisations throughout the UK, NATO and Europe; including Ministries of Defence, Defence Prime Contractors, NATO bodies, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other Government agencies. Our Rugged (ER) and TEMPEST Rugged (TR) Equipment range has been specifically designed to be able to withstand storage, transportation and/or use in a Harsh Environment.

The following standards are variously in use for the specification of Rugged equipment and are provided for information only, please contact SST to discuss specific application requirements.

MIL-STD-810 is a series of performance and manufacturing guidelines set by the US Department of Defence for military and commercial equipment and applications.p>

Def Stan 00-35 is a UK Military Defence Standard “ENVIRONMENTAL HANDBOOK FOR DEFENCE MATERIEL” which is used to define the testing methodology for, and results required for acceptance of, rugged military equipment (Defence materiel).

STANAG 2895: Extreme Climatic Conditions and Derived Conditions for Use in Defining Design Test Criteria for NATO Forces Materiel.

STANAG 4370 The aim of this agreement is to register national acceptance of the series of Allied Environmental Conditions Test Publications (listed below), which give guidelines on the management of environmental testing of defence materiel, to characterise environments and to standardize environmental testing processes.

AECTP 100: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 100, Environmental Guidelines for Defence Materiel.

AECTP 200: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 200, Environmental Conditions.

AECTP 250: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 250, Electrical and Electromagnetic test Conditions.

AECTP 300: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 300, Climatic Environmental Tests.

AECTP 400: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 400, Mechanical Environmental Tests.

AECTP 500: Allied Environmental Conditions and Test Publication (AECTP) 200, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Test and Verification (under STANAG 4370).

EN60529: The IP (Ingress Protection) code or ingress protection ratings are defined in this international standard and are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.