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With a high percentage of engineers and TEMPEST industry specialists, including the UK’s largest commercial TEMPEST test facility, SST has built an enviable reputation with subject matter experts providing consultancy, training and testing services for TEMPEST and environmental certification and CESG endorsement support.

Through design, quality, service and agility and expertise in consultancy, programme management, testing and training SST is uniquely positioned to support you on all aspects of TEMPEST and information assurance.

TEMPEST design authority and consultancy

SST can provide confidential consultancy throughout a TEMPEST project.

From writing TEMPEST control and test plans to Testing & Test reports we work closely with CESG to provide our customers with an efficient route to CESG approval. Particular value can be gained when we’re engaged at an early stage in a programme for an appreciation of the TEMPEST issues. For more information, visit Consultancy.

Offsite TEMPEST platform testing

SST is certified by CESG to perform TEMPEST platform testing. With the benefit of many years platform testing experience SST either employ dedicated mobile test equipment on customer site or work conjunction with Trac (for EMC Testing) in the large shielded facility in Malvern. For more information, visit Testing.

Onsite TEMPEST product testing

SST TEMPEST and EMC Test Facility Personnel have many years experience performing acceptance testing on products and mobile platform installations. The CESG accredited SST TEMPEST Test Facility has five TEMPEST test cells and is staffed by some of the most experienced CESG trained Level 4 TEMPEST engineers in the UK.

SST will often work alongside equipment manufacturers to impart an appreciation of TEMPEST aspects during initial design stages. With a unique position in the UK, SST is a CESG accredited manufacturer of TEMPEST products as well as providing the testing and endorsement function and has a deep appreciation of the manufacturing process, often providing an initial assessment of TEMPEST performance to highlight areas of concern before formal testing commences. For more information, visit Testing.

TEMPEST facility (building) testing and installation

SST can assist when it comes to the requirements of TEMPEST Zoning (SDIP-28) and Installation (SDIP-29). SST can be involved from the initial discussion on whether TEMPEST should be taken into consideration, through Zoning Procedures, assessment of requirements, design of facility through to installation of services and equipment.

In addition to SDIP-29 (Facility Design Criteria and Installation of Electrical Equipment for Processing Classified Information) SST includes the requirements of JSP440 and JSP480. For more information, visit Testing.


SST offers a number of comprehensive courses that can be tailored to meet customer’s exact requirements. Training can take place at the SST purpose-built design, test and manufacturing facility or at a customer’s location. To find out more, visit Training.