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VoIP Capabilities

SST has the ability to enhance and modify Push to Talk Voice Over IP Phones.

Push to Talk

Push to talk or Push to mute handsets enhance the security of telephones when used in sensitive areas, physical disconnection of handset microphone, plug and use functionality directly replaces OEM handset.

Fibre Ethernet Connectivity

Easily deploy VoIP telephones into areas which only have a fibre network.

Dual fibre enables deployment without re-cabling, simply connect the telephone to the fibre network and the PC to the telephone.

Positive Disconnect

Positive assured physical disconnection of all microphones and speakers within the telephone, optional visible confirmation LED.

Bezel Modification

Identify separate security classification LANs or areas with easily distinguished bezel colours, logos or department specific information

Access Control

Biometric, smartcard, CAC card or token access to VoIP services, combined with centralised identity/profile lookup.

Custom Development

SST has demonstrated expertise in telephone modification with in-house 3D CAD modelling and rapid prototyping in a Government secure site with security cleared personnel, crypto integration and test facilities.